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Tanto bella quanto remota. Patmos incanta con la sua tranquillità a Settembre

It’s the bewitching time before breakfast on a summer morning when the sun is benign, casting everything silver, that makes the perfect moment for a swim across Grikos Bay on Patmos, in the far-flung northern Dodecanese.

Once a simple fishing village, pristine Grikos, near the port of Skala, is often listed among the world’s most beautiful bays. On this serene sandy cove, home to Patmos’s only five-star resort, bright fishing boats drop anchor round the primal hulk of the Rock of Kalikatsou, where religious hermits dwelt for centuries in lunar-like clefts in the volcanic surface. A former temple of Aphrodite, this huge rock resembles a sculpture rising from the sea, and was also a holy seat of worship for Christians during biblical times”.

Fonte: The Times online (July, 2018)