Patmos is an island to be explored.
Beautiful beaches, enchanting views, an ancient town, a mystical place of worship and sunsets not to be missed.

We organize

Our Patmos highlights tour

Oklacà is one of the founding members of the Slow Food of Patmos, among the most active and youngest in the country. Its philosophy focuses on supporting local and family agriculture.

Our approach as “eco-gastronomists” is the same in Patmos and in Italy, leading us to the discovery of places and people who dedicate themselves to their land and agriculture as well as to art and music.

Contact us and we will be pleased to provide suggestions for guided tours, wine tasting, cheese tasting, agricultural products, local specialties, painting courses and live music or dance performances.

Celebrate with us in Patmos

As we have done for many clients, we can help you to organize your wedding celebration on the island and also accommodate you and your guests.

Taking care of every detail in your special day, helping you with the necessary steps and preparing for you an aperitif or a whole meal will be a joy for us. 

Guided Tours

Without false modesty, we can state that we are true island experts. Traveling is a great passion for us, so we can imagine what you would want to do in Patmos. We know the best locations for you to enjoy unforgettable days.

If you would like to combine your visit of the island with that of more islands, with places of archaeological interest on the mainland (or in Turkey,  , or maybe with a cruise, all you have to do is contact us).

Meditation workshop a Oklacà

Come and enjoy a new level of well-being and inner-harmony in the most peaceful and healing environment of Patmos Island.

You will be supported to release stress and unhelpful thought patterns and access a deeper level of inner-peace and inner-purpose through simple yet powerful meditative practices.


Patmos is said to be a magical island with strong, positive energy. You can feel it from the very first moment when you arrive.

For this reason it is the place of choice for those who practice yoga, meditation and any other activity for the well-being of body and soul. We can guide you and also organize meetings for you.

Our facility, bright and surrounded by green space, with two terraces and large outdoor areas overlooking the sea, is an ideal location to practice relaxation and reconcile with nature.